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The Catholic Tradition Podcast: 144 – The Obedience Paradox in Marriage

Oct 11, 2022

St. Paul’s admonition for wives to undergo their husbands as
the Church submits to Christ (Ephesians 5) is likely one of the most
uncomfortable teachings for contemporary Catholics. Nevertheless it’s not simply
obedience in marriage that moderns discover objectionable–and it’s not
simply liberals who can’t abdomen it. Throughout the political and
non secular spectrum, even amongst self-described traditionalists, we
discover every kind of excuses to keep away from obedience. Deeply embedded in
the post-Enlightenment consciousness is the equation of authority
with tyranny and obedience with slavery.

Come to consider it, Scripture tells us that the difficulty of
authority and obedience is key to mankind’s rupture with
God all through all historical past, starting with the revolt of Adam
and Eve. Devil tricked Eve into considering God’s command was a trick
to maintain her down relatively than a present of affection. Adam went alongside,
selecting to please his spouse relatively than God, in a perversion of his
God-given inclination towards union by reward. Ever since, each
women and men have had a suspicious and guarded stance towards God’s
authority relatively than a submissive and receptive one, whereas
sarcastically dominating and manipulating others within the very manner they
feared God was doing to them.

The primordial actuality of authority as reward and obedience as
receptivity, which Christ got here to revive in nuptial union with His
Church, is central to theologian Mary Stanford’s new e-book, The
Obedience Paradox: Discovering True Freedom in Marriage
. Drawing
on Scripture, the theology of the physique, and the entire Magisterial
custom of the Church on marital obedience, Stanford affords not
only a protection of the standard instructing, however a profound
illumination of how each wives and husbands can discover true freedom
in submitting to God’s design for what Pope Pius XI known as “the
order of affection” in marriage, which is each mutual and

Stanford’s presentation might be liberating significantly for
these open-hearted Catholics who, whereas wishing to be trustworthy to
Church instructing, concern that reiterating this specific level of the
Scriptural and Magisterial doctrine on marriage will simply create an
alternative for domination and abuse. But not solely wives, and never
solely married {couples}, however all Catholics can study from how
obedience is lived in marriage, and see that obedient receptivity
is on the core of what it means to be a human individual.


Mary Stanford, The Obedience Paradox: Discovering True Freedom
in Marriage

Pope Pius XI on marriage: Casti connubii material/pius-xi/en/encyclicals/paperwork/hf_p-xi_enc_19301231_casti-connubii.html

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