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Joyous Arrival: Beekse Bergen Safari Park Welcomes 4 Wholesome Lion Cubs

Hilvarenbeek, July 27, 2023 – 4 wholesome African lion cubs had been born at Beekse Bergen Safari Park. The younger animals had been born throughout the night time from Tuesday, July 11, to Wednesday, July 12. That is the primary litter of lions in six years.

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The gestation interval of a lion lasts roughly three and a half months, and a litter can consist of 1 to 6 cubs. Mariska Vermij – van Dijk, the carnivore caretaker, stated, “The mom gave start to 5 cubs. Sadly, the fifth cub didn’t survive. This occurs very often: the lioness has 4 teats, and as quickly because the cubs are born, the competitors for the teats begins. Typically the fifth cub survives, however it’s more likely to lag behind in development and finally not make it. It is unhappy, however that is simply the way it goes. We’re very completely happy that the 4 cubs are doing nice!”

Lion cubs are born blind, and their eyes usually open round ten days after start. At three weeks outdated, they begin strolling extra steadily and start to discover the world round them. “Round that point, additionally they obtain their first medical check-up, and we will decide the gender of the younger animals,” stated Vermij – van Dijk. When the cubs are about one 12 months outdated, a lot of the spots on their fur disappear, and in male lions, their manes develop into extra seen.


Susceptible species

The standing of lions within the wild is ‘weak.’ Because of this if these animals will not be adequately protected, they’re more likely to develop into extinct sooner or later. In Africa, their pure habitat is shrinking, resulting in lions being more and more noticed in villages, with all of the related penalties. Poaching and illnesses among the many animals are different widespread threats.

The park in Hilvarenbeek, along with different European zoos, is dedicated to conserving this species. They obtain this by managing applications that guarantee a wholesome reserve inhabitants. The start of the 4 cubs is, subsequently, essential for the way forward for these animals.



In June, Beekse Bergen Safari Park celebrated its fifty fifth anniversary. Rens Willemsen, the Basic Supervisor of the Safari Park, stated, “We’re thrilled with this iconic start in our anniversary 12 months. Since Beekse Bergen began as Lion Park Beekse Bergen in 1968, it’s particularly outstanding that this 12 months, for the primary time in six years, we will welcome 4 younger cubs!”

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BB_welpjes 3
BB_welpjes 3

The cubs had been born within the enclosure alongside the route of the automobile and strolling safari. In the intervening time, they don’t seem to be seen to guests.



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